Most of you know that I have a life-long passion for photography. I also have a great deal of passion for other visual arts like drawing, painting, film and so on.

Over the past 15 years or so the world of photography has changed a great deal. One of the most significant changes was it’s transformation from being a film-based to a digital-based media.

What’s the difference? Well, in the digital world it’s much easier to manipulate a photograph without raising an eyebrow or an ounce of suspicion from viewers.  The separation between artistry and reality has become very blurred in today’s photography world.

So what am I leading up to? Today I’m announcing that I have moved all of my digital art (that incorporated collage and composited work) to a new web site I call “Horseplay Studios” ( This work was originally located in a separate gallery called “Digital Art” on my current photography site.

My traditional photography will remain at It’s only the digital art work that I do that is being moved to Horseplay Studios. I’ll continue with my traditional photography as normal, I love capturing beautiful landscapes and architecture.

Why am I doing this? I’m doing this to make it easier for everyone to distinguish my traditional photography from the other types of digital work that I do that includes some photographic elements.

I don’t plan on spending a great deal of time promoting or marketing Horseplay Studios right now. I don’t even have a logo for it yet. It’s really meant to be more of a “incubator of visual ideas” or a “virtual sketchbook” of things that I’m exploring from a visual perspective.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll love all of my new work at Horseplay Studios. You might like it or you might not ;-). It’s all part of the creative process though. It’s like peeling an onion… you can’t get to the core until you’ve removed a few layers (creatively speaking).

I’ll keep you informed on any work that excites me via my new Horseplay Studios Facebook page at Be sure to “Like” if you want to follow my progress.

Have a great day!
Chip Jones