Chip Jones Photography at Edina Art Center

I’m excited to announce that three of my photographs are now on exhibit at the Edina Art Center at 4701 W 64th St in Edina, MN.

This work is a bit of a departure from my traditional landscape and architectural photography. These three pieces utilize a technique called “compositing” which is basically combining two or more photographs to create one piece. Compositing also allows me to explore more ideas from a conceptual perspective.

The first piece was something I created specifically for this show. I thought it would be fun to do something special for the Edina crowd. This is a digital collage made up of about ten photographs I’ve shot over the past few years. They are combined to create an overall story about Edina. If you look hard, you’ll see a small image of me at around age 10, next to one of my favorite landmarks at that time.

The second piece was a concept I came up with after visiting two separate locations. The doorway is a photograph of the side door of the church I attended as a youngster. The image of the woods came from a short hike I took nearby. I love hiking and the idea of having a doorway leading into another space within the woods is intriguing to me.

The third piece is based on a dream that I frequently have. In this dream the airport is located at one end of a downtown, with the runway and ascent taking me through a canyon created by surrounding buildings. It’s honestly quite a liberating experience and not frightening at all. This piece was recently in a group show at the Mpls Photo Center. The street scene is of the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

These pieces and similar work are located on a different web site at There will be more work like this to follow, but I’m primarily focused on traditional landscape and architectural photography. The portfolio for this work is located at

If you have a chance, please stop by the Edina Art Center and let me know what you think. I have reduced the pricing of all three pieces for only this one exhibit.

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