Southdale Center – Edina, Minnesota

I recently completed a photo shoot at Southdale Center in Edina, Minnesota for Simon Properties. Over the past year or so there have been a lot of changes at Southdale including some new tenants and additional remodeling.

I was tasked to capture more recent photography of the interior and exterior areas of the mall. Here are a few photographs from that shoot:

2015-08-01_21-27-47 2015-08-01_21-21-03 2015-08-01_21-06-49 2015-07-25_13-09-30 2015-07-25_12-24-56 2015-07-25_11-03-20 2015-07-25_10-34-22 2015-07-25_10-27-30


Built in 1956, Southdale Center is historically important because it is the first fully enclosed shopping mall in the country. It has been featured in a PBS special titled “Ten Buildings That Changed America“.

In 2013 I worked on a project for the Edina Historical Society called “Then and Now” that included updated photographs of the interior of Southdale. (see

Hope you enjoy!

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