Digital Mixed-Media Art

In addition to my traditional fine art photography, I also create work that is created using a variety of digital tools and techniques. I refer to this work as Digital Mixed-Media Art.

What is Digital Mixed Media Art?
This is basically work that has been created by combining two or more digital images or formats. It is then manipulated via Photoshop (or some other tool) in order to create one-of-a-kind work that is more personal.

The digital media used in these compositions include: digital photography, hand painted/drawn images (via a graphics tablet), scanned images, clipart (textures, overlays), 3D images, and many other types of media.

I exhibit this work on an entirely different web site to avoid any confusion with my traditional fine art photography. To view my digital mixed-media work, please visit my Horseplay Studios web site.

Looking for my traditional fine art photography prints and services? Please check out my Fine Art Photography page.