I’m a photographer / digital artist from Edina, Minnesota. I am a classically trained artist and I completed my studies in the arts with a BFA in painting, drawing and photography and a MFA in Motion Graphics (experimental animation).

I incorporate my knowledge of composition, design, color theory and narrative structure into all of my photography and digital art compositions.

Places and Spaces
A recurring subject in my work is my interest in places and spaces and a desire to create immersive experiences.

My goal is to capture the essence of each place or space that I visit or compose. In my personal work, I’ll frequently use visual metaphors to create a narrative structure.



Master of Fine Arts
Film / Video – Motion Graphics
CalArts (California Institute of the Arts)
Valencia, California

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Studio Arts – Painting, Drawing, Photography
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chip Jones

“The medium of photography provides a way to capture a unique moment in time where light, space and subject matter exist in harmony. The resulting photograph becomes a window into that brief moment in time that will never exist again.” – Chip Jones

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