About Chip

I’m a photographer / digital artist from Edina, Minnesota. I am a classically trained artist with an undergraduate degree (BFA) in painting and drawing. I also have a MFA in motion graphics (animation, film) and also studied theater lighting. I incorporate my knowledge of composition, design and color theory into all of my photography and digital art.

I sell and exhibit my photography and artwork. I also provide real estate and architectural photography services to real estate professionals and small businesses.

Places and Spaces
A recurring subject in my personal work is my interest in places and spaces. Much of this is visceral and defies an explanation, but I’m an adventurer at heart and I love to connect with the places and spaces I visit. My goal is to capture that spirit within my work.

I use a lot of different metaphors to help tell a story or provide a narrative to my work. But, I also love just simple, beautiful landscapes and I’m the first to admit this. My interest in landscape photography is partially about composition and color, but it’s also about my love for the outdoors.

My goal is to present unique work and avoid imagery that has already been captured or created by other photographers and artists.

Photography Specialties
Photography Specialties

Master of Fine Arts
Film / Video – Motion Graphics
CalArts (California Institute of the Arts)
Valencia, California

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Studio Arts – Painting, Drawing, Photography
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

chip jones

[us_testimonial author=”Chip Jones” company=””]The medium of photography provides a way to capture a unique moment in time where light, space and subject matter exist in harmony. The resulting photograph becomes a window into that brief moment in time that will never exist again.