NOTE: “Chip Jones Photography” has been renamed and is now called “Chip Jones Studio”. Please visit my new web site at This web site ( and other links pointing to it will be slowly transitioning over to my new web site at

Distinctive Fine Art Photography

Chip Jones creates and sells fine art photography prints for business and residential interiors. He is also a digital media artist with clients that include interior designers, business owners, property managers, home owners and a variety of marketing teams.

Chip also provides Commercial and Residential Real Estate photography services in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota. For more information about these services, please visit

Fine Art Photography

fine art photography
Fine art photography that includes landscape, architectural and abstract work.

Digital Mixed Media

Digital Mixed Media Prints
Digital mixed-media work created using a variety of digital tools and techniques.

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography
Residential and commercial real estate, architecture and landscape photography services.
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