Fine Art Photography by Chip Jones

Chip Jones is a Photographer and Visual Artist who specializes in Fine Art Photography for business and residential interiors. Chip was born and raised in Minneapolis, and although he has lived in other parts of the country, he always finds himself drawn back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

“Winters in Minnesota can really test your motivation as a photographer”, Chip states, “It can be tough on equipment and certainly bone-chilling cold. That said, I find the variety and beauty of the four seasons inspiring and magical. They have a huge impact on my work aesthetically and spiritually simply because each season represents a different life cycle.”.

“The pay-off for the long winters comes when the weather turns warmer. This provides much incentive to get out and explore the beautiful forests in the north and southeast areas of Minnesota, the native prairies in the southwest and all of the lakes and rivers throughout the state of 10,000+ lakes.”.

Chip’s portfolio of work includes traditional landscape photography, as well as abstract and experimental work. To view his hand selected photographs, be sure to visit his Featured Gallery. If you have questions about Chip’s work or any other inquiries please use the Contact form. Thanks for visiting!

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